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Affiliate Marketing Solutions

We provide our clients with reliability and transparency in every partnership. Enjoy real-time statistics and optimization, comprehensive reporting analysis, and robust data security.

Fast, reliable, accurate partner for affiliate marketing
What makes us different from other solutions on the market?
Real-time Optimization
Dynamic and instantaneous fine-tuning for optimal performance — that's the essence of real-time optimization with Aff.tech
Clear and transparent
We strive to provide clear and transparent reporting and access to data that fosters trust and effective decision-making.
Flexible and adaptable
Tailor the product to your needs and stay mobile with our platform, optimized for on-the-go access on your phone.
Stable and reliable
Aff.tech stands out as a symbol of stability and trustworthiness within the affiliate marketing management sector.
Safe and secure
Our platform is characterised by a high level of data protection and security.
Individual approach
Aff.tech thrives on a client-oriented philosophy, ensuring individualized attention for each user.
Everything you need
Prime solutions and exceptional features tailored for unprecedented success in affiliate marketing
Empowering Partners and Boosting Your Business with Flexible Commission Plans

Unlock a win-win scenario for both your partners and your business with Aff.tech. Our platform boasts a flexible commission plan, offering a spectrum of options for cost optimization. This not only ensures better results but also serves as a powerful motivator for your partners, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship.

Processing real-time statistics on huge volumes

Processing real-time statistics on huge volumes of data is a critical capability for businesses looking to gain valuable insights, make informed decisions, and maintain a competitive edge.

Our platform easyaly deal with really huge counts - 20M clicks, 350K registrations,1,5M deposits, 60K qualifications, 30K partners per month

SmartLinks: Advanced
Geo-Targeting Mastery

Tailor your creatives with intricate redirection rules based on geo-location, device, and user uniqueness for advanced traffic targeting. Experience Rapid Insights:

Access swift and agile click statistics reports that empower you to analyze traffic sources and creative conversions, simplifying the optimization of your creatives for maximum impact.

Individual approach to each client with customisation to your needs.

At Aff.Tech, we believe in the power of individuality and understand that each client is unique, with specific needs and preferences. That's why we take great pride in offering an unparalleled level of customization in our services and interfaces, tailored to your exact requirements.

Your success is our mission, and your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Data security and flexible data access settings

At Aff.Tech, data protection is at the core of our mission. We provide cutting-edge security solutions, incorporating advanced encryption protocols and multi-layered defenses.

Simultaneously, Aff.Tech goes beyond conventional security measures, recognizing the need for tailored access. Our platform allows for maximum customization of data access settings, empowering you with individualized control over your information. Join Aff.Tech today and unlock a realm where data security meets personalized management, providing the key to success in the digital era.

Adaptive and intuitive interface

Based on the best design practices, we have developed a highly comfortable and user-friendly application that opens seamlessly on your device. Our interface ensures intuitive interaction with every feature, providing a modern design that makes using the app effortless and enjoyable. Welcome to the world of convenience and innovation with Aff.Tech!

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30 000+
Active partners
operated on our platform every month, harnessing Aff.tech for thriving affiliate marketing.
processing over 50 million clicks monthly for optimized performance.
500 000+
Leads reached
reaching more than 500,000 leads each month through our dynamic affiliate network
Partners Revenue
our platform facilitates the generation of over $5 million by our valued partners each month.
Accurate partner for affiliate marketing
Nurturing Success Through Affiliate Management Expertise

Our journey began as an enthusiastic team embarking on a project for ourselves. After receiving fantastic feedback from users, we realized the potential of our creations to bring joy and value. This realization inspired us to step into the market, sharing our unique experience and innovative solutions with the world.

Fueled by our passion for quality and technology, we have become a reliable partner for those seeking something extraordinary. Welcome to the world of Aff.Tech, where every day is an opportunity to bring your ideas to life!

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